December 10, 2008

Christmas Letter 2006

Dear Family & Friends,

I’m not enthused about Christmas letters but feel especially gripped to update you on the eventful year we’ve had. God is good and we embrace His will in our lives even when we experience pain. As many of you know Rebecca’s wonderful father Billy O. Wilson, “Papa”, was enduring a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s and most recently ALS (better know as Lou Gehrig’s disease) and passed away this past June. We had the privilege to see him and Rebecca’s mother move to Cary 4 years ago and join us in helping to raise our family. Papa was so very gracious and loving to the kids and seemed to relish playing with the little ones especially. Walking with Papa and Nana through his illnesses however tragic, was actually very inspiring and we considered it an honor to serve them and witness him, with such honor and grace finish his final days. He never complained, never uttered a harsh word (though he endured many humbling experiences) and always thanked everyone who came to treat him. One month before his death, Rebecca delivered our beautiful baby girl Mary Katherine Faith (via emergency C-Section – a whole other story). We’ll never forget the memory of presenting Mary Katherine to him, tears streaming down his face, grateful that he could kiss her face and hold her. Papa finished his race and inspired us all with his godly life and death.

Here’s a brief update on each of the kids.

Will (16) - he continues to be an “A” student at Cary Christian School in the 10th grade and started driving this year! He started in the schools inaugural varsity football team, played lacrosse for the first time and was captain of the tennis team. He and I enjoyed a great thrill at Christ in the Tetons – a father/son adventure week in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in June. Will stepped up this year in many ways – he’s tenacious, disciplined and loves the little ones.

Ben (14) – he left homeschool and started at Cary Christian School this year and likes it fine. Right after starting CCS, he went with his homeschool tennis team to Alabama, representing the state of NC. They did remarkably well, coming in 5th in the south. He played JV football as middle linebacker and plans to play on their tennis team in the spring. Ben was such an example of servanthood, patience and Christlikeness as he served Papa every week, cleaning his apartment, feeding him and just being great company. Ben was truly inspiring in this role that unfolded before us and he embraced serving and honoring his grandfather in amazing ways for a young man his age. We had a special manhood ceremony this year for Ben during our regular camping trip with the McClure family.

Anna (12) – continues to homeschool and receive wonderful motherhood practice. She excels in piano and ballet, going “on point” this summer and achieving “ballet company” status at her studio. She also plays on the homeschool tennis team and is finally getting that “Wilson” back-hand perfected! Anna remains wonderfully kind and very mature and could just about manage this home by herself. She and I enjoyed a Dad and daughter weekend at the beach with special friends this year and made great memories.

Christian (8) – is as lively and enthusiastic as ever, he could sell ice cubes to an Eskimo and is a huge helper in the home. CJ was again a star player on his soccer team and recently won the Preston Village Jungle Bell one-mile run! He’s a lover, a giver and the life of the party.

Luke (5) – has started to read amazingly quickly this year – basically teaching himself. This year he’s turned from baby boy to young boy becoming very obedient, a leader to the little girls and a great helper to mom. Luke is loyal, loves being with Dad and is affectionate.

Caroline (3) – is our princess-drama-girl. She’s a lovely girl, needs to be with Mama (almost all the time) – picking up all Rebecca’s charms. Caroline enjoys cooking in her kitchen and playing with Luke and Ellie.

Ellie (2) – is a quiet and reflective girl with a soft little voice. She’s very affectionate and cudley and has an incredibly charming smile (I could be biased).

Mary Katherine (7 months) – so far she smiles the most out of all of them (at this age) and is very easy (thank God!). Not surprisingly, I’ve have fallen head-over-heels again in love with another girl – my MK!

I could go on for pages describing to you how proud I am of sweetheart Rebecca, but it would sound way too mushy and I might get you blushing. Suffice to say, she amazes us all with the grace she carried herself with this year in trial after trial (too many to tell) and is the fountainhead of virtually all the joy found in our home.

Thanks for reading our update – Wow! what a ride – thanks for taking it with us!

May His Kingdom Come,

The Jacobsens

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