December 13, 2008

Christmas Letter 2008

Dear Family & Friends,

Well you're in it now. Given that you had to take an extra step and visit this blog to read our Christmas letter, versus simply opening our mail, I figure that I can give you both barrels. I'm also not space constrained, so expect all sorts of fatherly, boisterous, bragging about my clan. I warn you, go no further. However, if you persist beware, our letters have been verified to cure insomniacs.

Will (18) - Is a senior at Cary Christian School (CCS) and just turned 18 yesterday. I've been rather emotional this week as I've pondered the fact that I have this fine boy/man turning 18 while just having fathered another boy now just 23 days old (more on him later). I couldn't be any prouder of Will and the man that he's become. He played his final high school football game last month. While watching I imagined I was standing in a Roman coliseum watching Maximus and his team of gladiators fighting their last battle. The picture of this team at the end will forever be etched in my memory that, while they lost by 2 points, the opposing fans stood in awe after the game, giving high-fives and unusual respect to these guys who had just played their hearts out, leaving everything on the field, to come back from way behind. At the end of the game, I witnessed my shy and usually emotion-challenged son cry warm, heavy tears as he came to terms with his last football game, saying goodbye to his team-mates. Will has also jumped headlong back into his guitar strumming and now plays with his youth groups' worship band. Despite the fact that he's sporting a Duke sweat shirt in our Christmas photo, he's applied to UNC and is excited about the prospect of attending college there. He's also going on his first mission trip with his Senior Class to Costa Rica in January. Will is contemplative, intellectually bright and surprisingly creative.

Ben (16) - A sophomore at CCS, Ben has come into himself alot this year. His main interests continue to be his physical fitness, boxing, punching, running and weights. He even had the opportunity to join a gym for awhile and enjoy some sparing. But dad started have fears of him taking a wild punch and suddenly couldn't fit in driving him anymore. Ben has also become a theologian this year. He spends vast amounts of time reading theology books and Internet sites and even downloads seminary lectures on his ipod. He's taken a leadership role in his youth group and routinely attends Wednesday prayer service. His shepard's heart is certainly peeking through. Ben is resilient, focused and compassionate.

Anna (14) - entered CCS this year with great flourish. She quickly became popular, made many friends and got the lead in the play (The Secret Garden). Anna is a blooming flower. Soon after she and Will tried our for the youth worship band, she was asked to begin leading some songs during worship and has become a inspirational worshiper. Yet some of her stage drama is finding its was into real life as we find her doing her homework on the roof, walking the dog in the rain and other Pride & Prejudice-like wild behavior. She and Rebecca enjoyed a Mother/Daughter trip this past Spring, apparently making friends with some of NYC's finest. Anna is artistic, joyful and very friendly.

Christian (10) – has taken lead-dog role at the Jacobsen Insitute of Advanced Leadership (homeschool). He's a man on mission and expects everyone to yield to his wishes. He has an opinion on everything, primary of which is Dad being in the center of his universe and constant recreational companion. He's still the anchor defender on his championship soccer team. His coach rely's on him so much he plays him the entire game with no break. Christian is my main mountain biking companion, but he's faithfully getting Luke into proper conditioning. Besides soccer, his main activities are tennis, avoiding piano lessons and reminding me of all the money I owe him from past jobs I've forgotten to pay him for. Christian is determined, loyal and considerate.

Luke (7) – has really taken-off reading this year and continued his piano lessons. He still loves football, but has kicked his thumb sucking habit. Luke is great company, is still my morning coffee companion but now is able to read his own bible along with me. I discovered this year how much Luke enjoys singing and is rather good. He quickly learns lyrics and isn't afraid to stand in front of people and sing. Though he's always been my cowboy, he fell in love with horses this year at a dude ranch we visited this past summer.

Caroline (6) – is still one of the sweetest people I know, always thinking of others, very mannerly and kind. She's the leader of her girl gang (Ellie & Mary Kate) and is constantly dressing everyone up. Caroline started ballet this year and enjoys showing dad all she's learned in class. Despite how long or involved my tucking-in may be at night, she just doesn't settle down until Mama "checks" on her. Caroline is an encourager, naturally happy and a team player.

Elizabeth (4) – Ellie loves to hug and kiss and hold Matthew, all the time. She is very feminine, nurturing and quiet like her oldest brother Will. She is affectionate and would prefer to watch Paula Dean's cooking show than cartoons. Ellie is reflective, gentle and generous.

Mary Katherine (2 1/2) – continues to be our loudest and most fiery child yet. We call her the cheerleader because she is so enthusiastic about everything and you can hear her many, many yards away - this is a problem in the morning. She insists on wearing dresses or skirts with tights. Mary Kate is energetic, passionate and happy.

Matthew - our new born son has all captured our hearts. He was born November 20th after one of Rebeccca longest labors. As some of you know we discovered shortly after birth that Matthew has Down Syndrome. We consider him our latest adventure and are preparing ourselves for his wonderful future.

Because I invest all the time to write this annual tome, I get to brag on my sweetheart, though she fusses at me. It's probably obvious to everyone, that Rebecca is the anchor in this family and her handiwork can be found at the root of nearly everything good that happens in our home. Despite our struggles to keep each other from spinning out of orbit, God graciously keeps moving us forward. She's an amazing woman, wife and mother who I remain rapturously in love with.

We love you and are so grateful for our kinship with you. Please leave us a greeting down below by posting a comment.

With Christ's richest blessings,

Ron, Rebecca and family


  1. That is beautiful! Ron, your words make me cry! I love the way you honor your children and wife. What a beautiful man of God. I know Rebecca (and the kids) would have so many great things to write about you.

    God bless you and your precious family. We are so thankful that God used you to lead us to KPIC!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. You guys are an amazing role model! No we will not join the ranks of such a Large Clan, we will suffice with half your size! Rebecca, you are amazing! Ron, I look up to you bro! great family and great inspiration. your family is beautiful and inspiring. Mele Kalikimaka as you celebrate our saviors humble birth! much love
    the spruill6

  3. Now I know how you get it all done. Did you really post this thing at 4:09 am? I thought only people with new babies were up at that hour. WAIT!... So excited for you guys! Thanks for being such a blessing to me and my family through the years and an incredible example of godliness. You're awesome!

  4. You all are amazing! God has surely blessed you and your family to be a light to families everywhere! Thanks for everything Jacobsens!

  5. I know I always commented on your family being "Ralph Lauren Model Family" but after that photo, who can deny?

    Thank you for speaking volumns of how a "Godly Family" should be. Precious children, each with their own gifts and talents / a wife and mom that is so AMAZING - loving, gentle, supportive, and so much more / a husband and dad that is acknowledging and a true spiritual leader of the house.

    Congrats on Matthew. What a blessed child he is. He encapsulates Perfection and Love.

    Love you guys,

  6. You guys are incredible and beautiful too...I am happy we are in the same church family....

  7. Hi Jacobsens! It's your favorite neice/cousin :) What a great letter and what beautiful pictures. I can't believe everyone is growing up so quickly - now I feel old! All the girls are so beautiful and the boys, oh so handsome!
    Samantha is growing everyday - she is huge - I'm pretty sure tomorrow she'll start walking, even though she's only 4 1/2 months. Ha!
    Congrats on Matthew! He's so cute! He looks like a big boy! Hopefully, when we get back from Italy (another 1 1/2 years) he and Sam can meet!
    Well, I love you guys and wish we could all hang out and catch up!


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