December 10, 2008

Christmas Letter 2007

Dear Family & Friends, December 15, 2007

I’m painfully aware as I write these first words that unless you’re one of our mothers, you’re probably not that motivated about reading this letter. Speaking of mothers - thank God for our moms! Now that both our dads have made it to heaven, we’re even more grateful for having our moms in our lives and enjoy their company. But since I have your attention, here’s an update on our clan if you care to read on.

Will (17) - A junior at Cary Christian School (CCS) and is about to get (from Dad) his first car. This is occurring because he just landed his first job at Bojangles. If you’re up North you have no idea what you’re missing from this ‘landmark of the South’ fast food chicken restaurant. He’s working the drive-thru and practicing his Spanish (pappas = fries). Will is beginning to think about colleges, just took his SAT and now says he wants to be an anesthesiologist. As difficult as this word is for me to spell, I’ve made sure Will knows how to spell the word scholarship. He continues to be the most focused and diligent individual in the house and has won his way into the top 150 of his age bracket in North Carolina tennis.

Ben (15) - A freshman at CCS, he had a staring role on the JV football team this year with the most touchdowns in his position of running back. At the start of the season his coach called him “the nicest, hardest-working guy on the team and who would also largely determine the kind of season they had”. The team went 6 & 1 but missed the draw for their division title game. Ben and I spent a week this past June in Wyoming at Christ in the Tetons. This father-son week drew us closer together as we hiked, fly fished, rafted and rock climbed talking about biblical manhood with 20 other dads and sons. I think the week was as transforming for me as it ever was for Ben. Despite his size and strength, he’s my teddy-bear and my great friend.

Anna (13) - may be enjoying her last year in the Jacobsen Institute for Advance Leadership (homeschool) and is nearing a decision about entering CCS next year for 9th grade. She continues to play piano, guitar, tennis and perform dance, although she’s taking a year off from her ballet company. Anna has really grown spiritually this year and walks in wisdom beyond her years. She’s very involved in her youth group and has a great heart for people.

Christian (9) – is still the life of the party and relentless at accomplishing his plan. He’s a renaissance man – he cooks, he changes diapers, mountain bikes, plays tennis, soccer and piano and can lick any boy in the neighborhood. Christian will talk to anyone and is completely confident and I’m sure you realize now that he can be really annoying to his older siblings. He loves being with Dad and insists on “his time” with me.

Luke (6) – just started piano lessons and has fallen in love with football this fall (though he still sucks his thumb). Given this new love he tends to be hurting his younger sisters as they get talked into football plays. Luke leads these three girls like he’s the king of castle and they are his princesses. He is the first awake each morning as we share coffee and Bible reading together (he drinks his with a straw).

Caroline (5) – is a great big sweetheart and very kind big sister. Caroline is an encourager and is great at thinking the best. She loves to dance and sing and always loves to be with mama. She’s learning to bake already and has “practiced” cutting hair on herself and younger sister, much to her mother’s alarm.

Elizabeth (3) – is still our quiet, gentle little girl. Ellie loves to hug and kiss. She and Caroline love to play in their own little make-believe land. Ellie loves to sing and frequently we find her quietly singing all by herself. She loves to “do school” and follows Rebecca around with her school book saying “me next, Mama.”

Mary Katherine (Cake) (18 months) – has developed into our most feisty and fiery child yet. She’s tough but developing a great sense of humor. She already says, “I’m so funny” with a smile and insists on having a bow in her hair like her older sisters. She’s petite for her age so she still gets a lot of babying.

More big news, we moved! After finding a house with basement potential around the block we took the plunge and moved into what is hoped to be our ‘last home’ (in nineteen years of marriage we’ve lived in 12 locations!).

We ask God’s richest blessings to rest upon you in this season of remembering His entrance into our world!

208 Clearport Drive
Cary, North Carolina 27519

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  1. Dear Jacobsens,

    This Christmas the Grahams are so thankful to have friends like you. We want yo to know how special you are and that we love you very much. Though you are a large family you always open your home and heart to us and many others. Your faithfulness, joy and strength is a witness to many and a blessing to all. we love you!

    Wayne, Linda, Matthew and Maggie Graham


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