April 27, 2011

Advice To A Young Man

Here's a recent note I wrote to my young nephew Josh who just joined the Army this week.  My wonderful sister and her husband had a going away party for him.  Since we were unable to be with them and knowing him from the time he was a young boy, I penned the following letter to him;

Dear Joshua,

The big day is nearing. Here a just a few thoughts for you to take with you.

1.  You will be tempted to quit, likely more than once. Don't.

2.  You will be tempted to do some things that wouldn't want anyone(especially your mother) to know. Don't.

3.  You will be tempted to think that God has stopped caring about you. Don't.

1. a) Know that much of life (thereby any sort of success) is just "showing-up" and getting the unglamourous things done, every day, the same way, without fail...not really fun. They are boring strokes that often times you think they mean nothing. They mean something - sometimes they mean EVERTHING. And anyone who has achieved anything finds a way to find glory in the mundane.

2. a)  Life is a test. We often fail the tests, but then (because of His love) God takes us through the class again. He never promotes to the next level until we pass the class we're in. You will be tested and tested and tested alot. You will be tempted to sin....alot.  If you think you can resist by yourself, you will learn that you are wrong...alot. The Christian life is a sport...a team sport, it is very dangerous to play by yourself.  Immediately, find a church, bible study, fellowship (you get the idea) to attend...alot, and stay with them.

3. a) You've been taught all of your life that God has a unique and special destiny for you life. Your name means "Yahweh will save".  In fact, your namesake (Joshua) 3,000 years ago had the guts, to enter dangerous territory for God's glory to secure his destiny. When the crowd would not go along with he and Caleb's plan, he stood against them, imploring them to take God at His word. But they were cowards and didn't want to believe God for His promises, they preferred to live safe, small and earthy lives. Live-up to your namestake - Joshua!

We love you, we're proud of you and know that you will make a great and courageous soldier. You are always welcome in our home.

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  1. Powerful words--well spoken and so very true! Thanks for sharing them with all of us.


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