September 9, 2010

Never Go Alone

One of my sweetie's at Home Depot
People often ask me "how do you have time to spend quality time with each child?"  While I don't have a complete answer for this post, one motto I use is, "never go alone".  I work out of the home and travel at times, therefore home-time is very important to me.  No doubt there are constant needs, work to be done, things to fix.  But I've found that the moments that are uniquely special are when I'm working on projects around the house and I find a way have some of the children help me.  While having some "helpers" can suddenly make a one-hour project twice as long, there is so much exchanged with your child when they "do it with you or go with you".

Dad enlarging the house, circa 1973
Some of my fondest memories is doing stuff with my dad.  He was the ultimate handyman around the house and, unlike me, could do virtually anything; carpentry, plumbing, tile work, etc.  So when I need to head to Home Depot or make a quick trip I always try to take a child (or two or three).  Yes, it can be frustrating if you're the kind of person like me who likes to just get things checked-off the list quickly.  But if you think a little more strategically you can check things off and father your child's heart.  While not a complete list, here's a few things that can be accomplished "along the way".

1) You can talk about the business your visiting and how it makes money.
2) You can explain the tools you're using and give them some hands-on experiences.
3) You can talk about the people who work at the business.
4) You can demonstrate to them that whatever you're doing, you can have the joy of the Lord, even if a project gets frustrating or doesn't go the way you planned.
Time for Mums
So my encouragement is; never go alone.

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  1. You're definitely right about having some of your helpers make things twice as time-consuming or difficult. I can almost never get out the door on a project without someone asking me where I'm going and if they can come with me. It is tough knowing that they most likely will slow you down, but you just have to let them come along. Even if all they do is talk to you, it's valuable time you spend. They need our love and our time more than any crap you can buy for them.

  2. Great advice. I have often used this motto as well with my children (we are expecting number 4 in August) I even use this motto in my ministry. I am a full time youth pastor and when ever possible I will pick up one or more of our students during the day to run errands with me or help with projects in the office in preparation for the next weeks service. I love your blog. May God richly bless all you and your family do.

    Psalm 128


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