June 3, 2010

21 Years Done...39 Left To Go...

Twenty-four or so years ago I noticed this extremely cute girl walking at the campus fitness center - cupid had struck.  It took me some time, but within a few weeks I discovered her name and through a conveniently-timed "get your roommate a date" event, I conned my roommate into calling this girl for our double-date.

After a brief introduction at the ice cream machine a few days before, we met for the fateful double-date, December 18th 1985 -- a stop at the hamburger joint and then a movie awaited us.  As if God was smiling on us already, He delivered a smooth blanket of snow while we watched our movie. Unknown to me, this gal had never seen snow and she considered this wonderful white gift very romantic - thank God!

Where I come from, marriage is for life.  Each of my grandparents were married for 55-60 years.  My mom and dad were married for 45 years, until dads early death at 67.  Our trade-in culture doesn't help, as even Christians suffer a woefully high divorce rate.  This is not a post about how great our marriage is, though it is, or what's wrong with with our culture - clearly much.  (While I'm certain that my wife has never considered divorce, she has had some some run-in's with attempted murder!)  This is simply a message to my sweet wife to say thanks for saying YES to our second date and for making my life so rich, fun and a thrill to live!  No doubt we've been busy (as evidenced by the family picture), but we both believe in "dying tired".  I love you Rebecca, thanks for sticking with me for 21 years...only 39 more to go!! Happy Anniversary!


  1. I am happy that the second date resulted so well. Thank God He sent the snow.
    Love you both!

  2. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!


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