April 15, 2010

Dad Champions

This is one of my all-time favorites.  I first learned about Dick Hoyt father of Rick who was born with Cerebral Palsey years ago at a PromisKeepers event.  When he was young, Rick told his dad that he wanted to run a 5K race and that was all his dad needed to hear, they did....and never stopped.  Rick told his dad that, "when he ran races, he didn't feel disabled".  Again, that was all dad needed to hear.  Now in his 60's Dick is still running...and cycling...and swimming with Rick.  Asked now years later saying simply, "I just wanted to be the best Dad for my family".

Such rare nobility in a dad, but not really so.  Nobility is seen and felt everyday, possibly in smaller, but no less important ways as dad's sacrifice, work and deny themselves to love, provide and bless their families.  In small acts and large, dads are and become champions each day.  But no one is following them around with video camera, highlighting these acts (oh, but Tiger get's press when he torpedoes his family).

The other aspect of this video that you'll receive is the fatherhood of God.  Whether your father memories are wonderful or sour, when the music combines with the images, please drink in the unconditional love of your heavenly father who loves you...for you, and is running, riding and swimming...pulling you all the way to himself.  We are all (spiritually) helpfuless like Rick, we can't do anything to change the condition we were born into...total selfishness and sin.  BUT, our father is our champion and hero...getting us to the finish line by his amazing grace provided through Jesus Christ.

My sweet Mattie has Downs Syndrome and I can't wait to be his champion!


  1. The first time I saw that video I cried so much. It is such an amazing story.


  2. God bless you!

    I found you through the mega-family blogroll.

    Your words are a great testimony.


  3. Mattie is so beautiful.


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