March 4, 2010

Not driving miss daisy, driving in haiti

Driving in Haiti is like NO other experience I have ever had. Driving with a NYC or Mexican taxi driver is NOTHING like driving in Haiti. There was two traffic lights in entire country (in PAP), there are no speed limits, no traffic cops, no manners, it was every man for himself and the faster the better. The game of "chicken" took on whole new meaning, since if your vehicle was larger, you knew the other guy would yield and everyone would push it to extremes.

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  1. Wow! Clearly thats some pretty extreme conditions. The driving sounds like the 91 freeway here in California (kidding) Seriously, I think what you're doing down there is truly God's work and I wish you luck. My wife's OBGYN did a short tour down there working at a location somewhere outside PAP and he was just blown away by the conditions. Keep up the good work, thanks for becoming my second follower, LOL. I'll try to get more posts in, just been crazy busy lately.


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