March 1, 2010

haiti - day two

hello from Haiti. I was able to get to an internet cafe that is not far from our compound. Garrison, one of the older guys here, son of one of elders took me and a few other guys here. They always say we need to be with someone if we ever want to leave. Other than our today and last night we have not left the compound. Our compound is near the airport off of 1st Nationale road. there is a school and an orphanage. Yesterday we got hear early in the morning after our all night road trip. upon arrival we played with the children alot and spent time learning their names and telling them about ourselves. they are very interested in us telling about ourselves and learning their names, they say "I want to be your friend". Last night we had a short service, where they sang for us (so beautifully) and we sang a song together as well. Then one of the pastors (Frank's brother) shared a short message (interpreted) with us all. Yesterday afteroon we took a tour of two tent cities that have arisen in soccer fields. People construct simple plastic tarp or cloth homes from sticks used the make an "A" frame. Incrediblty sad to see so much devastation. The pictures will not do it all justice, the massive devastation is indescribable and there are masses upon masses of people homeless. However, nearly all the people were kind, wanting to show us their makes-shift homes and wave to us. Haitians treat Americans like rock stars, everyone wants to shake our hands. Today we drove to one of their other churches and schools in a more rural area and help demolish part of their church that had fallen due to the earthquake. We also bought 50 100 pound bags of rice and had a food distribution for the people there. It was hard work and very hot, but the people were very sweet and the children so very precious. Here the knew more about how to beg and ask foreigners for things, but we were kind to them still. Ben and I keep saying how we need mom here to interpret the Creole they speak, but we get buy with a little french and spanish.

I haven't been able to contact pastor val and give him the funds since we have been so busy. The director of the orphanage is alao hard to pin down, but very nice. I plan to talk with him about it again tonight. Ben is doing well and we slept well in the tent together last night. We sleep in the compound in the school section in our tents, since they are not having school now. Please let all the children know that I love them and miss them and hope they are feeling better. So sorry to hear that now Caroline was sick. Ben and I feel fine and never had any sickness, a miralce. Love you Becca, thanks for keeping everything together and praying for me. This place is like none other, I'm sure and definitly will change how I view the world.

love and kisses,


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