March 2, 2010

Haiti - day three

Today we did some of the same as yesterday. We brought many bags of rice and beans to two different church/school areas that are affiliated with this same Baptist pastor in PAP. Once we arrive we begin to play with the children, today playing frisbee. They some others begin to break open the sacks or food and break them into roughly two pound sacks of rice and beans. Shortly before we distribute the pastor shares with the people why we are there and has had two of the pastors on this trip also share about how as Chrisition's we have come to encourage them and provide some small token of God's love. Since more people come than we have supplies for, the Haitian pastor's that we work with must explain that their first priority is to provide for their members first and then the remainder can go to others in the community that he designates. This system seems to work well, since he's local and knows the people. They are fine men, who love their people and can talk tough with them when needed. It was needed today at our last location. There were of course more people than food and there was some yelling and commotion towards the end when some realized that they were not going to get food. I'll tell you the story of the guy with the machette, who Kevin says, was out to get me and he saved my neck. But it has really been very safe here otherwise.

We toured the most affected areas of PAP today, the presidential palace and official ministry areas and such. There is huge devastation. One ministry guy who runs missions programs all over and in Africa, says that he's NEVER seen poverty, homelessness and devastation the likes of Haiti. But you have to wonder that it was very, very bad before the earthquake as well. My political position is forming on this country and if I was in charge, I would hunt down (aka, Nazi hunters) all the previous (and current) rulers of the country and bring back public hangings. This country has been exloited and abused for decades and their is dripping blood on their hands, give all the millions of dollars that has been poured into this nation. More on this later.

Ben and I are feeling well, no sickness and I took a bath today! (more like a sponge bath, first one since Saturday). Tent camping has been good with the help of my air mattress (with hole) and Tylenol PM. The children as always, are precious, but last night began asking for our things when we leave (they been programmed here to ask Americans for their stuff). We are blessed beyone imagination and have no idea who fortunate we are. It is a must that you (Becca) come here, given your great french, nursing skills and love of Africa and innners city places (Haiti has this all in abundance!) It has been hard to get to this internet cafe (a serious hole in the wall - no joke, i have a picture of it). Each time I ask Garrison (a young man who works here), he needs to get permission from the director (who isn't around alot) - so there is alot of waiting arount - a Haitian standard operating procedure.

I spoke with Pastor Val this morning and he's is supposed to come here at 6pm for the hand-off, of course I'm sure it won't go that easy. I plan to have someone with me when I give him the funds (to witness) and to encourage him with Kelly's words about re-building.

I love you all and miss you dearly but am confident that this was the time to be here. Ben is being stretched along with me, but there are few words to describe this place. Peace and love. Becca you are my heart-beat.

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